A new home for me!

Well after a lot of careful consideration and moments of claustrophobia in my “nook,” I have decided to move into my own studio apartment. OMG SO AMAZING RIGHT?!?!

Alright it hasn’t really been a black and white decision, the anxiety about finances, searching for the perfect place and for the first time living on my own are all things I am trying not to think about at this current moment.

Coming home yesterday and finding my “least” favorite roommate and her boyfriend in the living room whining to each other, and not having anywhere to go, I began fuming in my small space. Thinking watching a show or reading would help, the fact that there are no windows finally seemed to get to me and I got the feeling of fighting back tears that won’t go away. Trying to recite all the principles from my happiness project, I couldn’t shack the fowl mood of this tiny space. So it’s time and tomorrow I am looking around Costa Mesa and Tustin for a new place. Fingers crossed that in a couple weeks it is good bye closet and hello windows!


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