Book Club: ‘The Happiness Project’

My little bible for the next year

Last night after spending weeks pouring through this novel, I finally flipped the last page “The Happiness Project” closed. While I usually leave my daily reading to the few minutes I have at night, this book kept me reading throughout the day, completely inspired by the thoughts that “the days are long and the years are short.” Starting this book during my long summer of unemployment between college graduation and “the adult world,” this novel became the perfect companion to a time when I felt that I didn’t know what I was doing, crying at least once a day and finding that being adult was definitely not as cool as the movies portrayed.

While still keeping the dream of NYC and being the next Carrie Bradshaw in the back of my mind, I have come to find that in order to live the happiest life, I need to truly appreciate the great things happening in the present. And man, are there many. Supporting myself and paying my own rent, writing for Ruche and NMR, finishing up the nagging task of my ASF pieces, applying to The Jubilee Project internship, seeing my family happily paddle-boarding around the Southern California coast, snuggling with Moe and Jackie, the pumpkin patch, new boots, weekend adventures with Howard and Joe, making new friends at Francescas and organizing the start up of Voices for the upcoming year. Having just finished the novel, I decided to start on my own happiness project and thought of no better time to start than the great month of November. Creating my commandments and starting to organize my goals for each month I want to spend a year appreciating and growing as a writer and a person. So far my commandments are:

Be Carly.

Take chances on your own happiness.

Know your limits: not every moment has to be at 112 miles an hour.

Drink water everyday.

Be punctual.

Enjoy the moment: a day with friends means more than wanting to constantly check all those little tasks off my to do list.

If it makes you nervous, it is probably a good thing to try.

Spread love.

Wish me luck, I am diving into the specifics this afternoon and spending November cleaning, finishing the nagging tasks of Voices transcripts and creating a We Step Into the Light workbook and trying a new exercise class.


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