My Week in Pictures

My boys

While it is never easy to jump back into the work week, it was especially hard after being spoiled and spending the entire weekend causing trouble with Joe and Howard. From happy hour at Tacos and Co. to sitting on the couch talking about life, I am always so thankful to have these wonderful men in my life.

Strawberry Farms Pumpkin Patch!

Plus the weekend also included visiting the Pumpkin Patch with my boss who I have come to enjoy so much. While it is definitely not ideal to have two jobs and an internship to juggle, I do get to work with pretty great people. This week started off a little rocky but feel into a nice groove at New Media Rockstars. The best part of today had to be getting photographed in my broken condom costume for Jeff’s article. He is writing a piece about easy Halloween costume you can create really quick at work, so just cut a hole in the top of a trash bag, stick your head through and TADA A BROKEN CONDOM! Oh so witty and simple. I felt so small in the bag, especially when he said to stand up tall so I went on my tippy toes and he looked surprised saying, oh I didn’t know you were standing at full heigh before. See Irvine, someone out there still thinks I’m short! On Tuesday, I interviewed the Fung Brothers, ate a chicken foot and ended the week interviewing Abbe Girl (a  Youtube legend), the creator of the blog ‘Academic Men Explain Things to me’ and The Jubilee Project. Having met The Jubilee Project and falling instantly in love with their videos and their causes behind each project, I made the crazy decision to apply for their Outreach Internship. If chosen I would get to run and create their social media campaigns! Yep, another internship. I am still going back and forth between if being a good or bad idea, I just had that gut feeling like this is what I have to do. Fingers crossed because I find out in a week!

Howard’s sweet texts

Though I am still struggling to come up with catchy titles this was the first week that I didn’t feel like a fish in the middle of the desert. They kept telling me today that I am so enthusiastic all the time and those comments always cheer but up instantly. It seems like so much energy to be negative all the time and since graduating, and maybe a little influence of reading The Happiness Project, I am trying to keep a positive outlook of each situation by turning life’s little annoyances into moments of opportunity. Plus it always helps to get these kind of sweet notes from your best friends 🙂

My main man



As for this weekend, I am going home to celebrate Uncle John’s birthday and have lots of time with this little cutie in the photo next to me. Pretty psyched and as everyone can see in this photo, the love is slightly mutual.


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