First writing job!

On Wednesday afternoon, sitting across from Alan and Melly who had taken me to Paradise Perks to deliver “news,” I was told New Media Rockstars wanted to offer me a part time position as a staff writer at their magazine. And now ladies and gentlemen, my first real writing job has begun!

Holding my hiring papers and a shot of patron: just how I always pictured it!

It seems funny to think back to all the twists and turns that life has taken me on in just these last few months. From cover letters to interviews, rejections and anticipation, tears and frustration, I somehow found a place to begin my life. Had Phuc not had a crush on the photo director and mentioned, it wouldn’t kill you to put in an app, I would never have gotten this internship. And had I never gotten this internship, I would never have met the writing team, taken shots in the office and become part of the team of this growing magazine. Cheers to you Phuc Pham, for believing in me and making this dream possible. Cheers to being a part of the New Media Rockstar team, I hope to make you guys proud.


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