I Think I’ll Find My Way

There are few things that I love more in this world than musicals.

The anticipation while waiting in front of the theatre under the illuminated posters of the production, having an excuse to wear heels and a dress, feeling completely entranced with the world on the stage. The second the music begins and the curtain rises, I notice minutes that that I can’t stop smiling. From Wicked to Phantom of the Opera to most recently, The Book of Mormon,  each production has completely captivated me and for that 3 hours, I forget about everything outside that theatre. Watching the Book of Mormon was nothing short of amazing. The cast was incredible and the humor was a blend of my two favorites Mel Brooks and Monty Python. While some may find a musical to be merely some eccentric songs, lots of dancing and some glimpses of glitter, I can’t help but always find a lesson and connection between each show with my own life. Having grown up going to the theatre I have learned to defy gravity in Wicked, to love unconditionally from Phantom, to be proud to be different from Hairspray, and to find my way in a cute pair of heels from Legally Blonde. With this being a summer of transitions and what feels like continual change from jobs, friends moving away and being done with college, The Book of Mormon showed me that sometimes I just need to enjoy the moment. Running around from job to job, sending out endless cover letters and waiting around for something to happen, I am missing out on all the great adventures that  make up what life is.

In celebration of my Mum’s 58th birthday at the Pantages, the sweetest gift from my dad to her.

Sitting in that theatre sandwiched between my parents watching dancing Starbucks cups haunt Elder Prince, I couldn’t help but smile at incredible things I have in my life now. A loving and supportive family, best friends, numerous ways to continue writing, a discount at Ruche, my life though different from where I thought I would be, it has been a memorable summer and only continuing to get better. And though my mum and I absolutely love musicals, my dad does not always feel the same, it’s a Disneyland type situation. And whenever my mum brings this up, he simply takes her hand, smiles and says, “I love how happy it makes you.”

Now that is love.


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